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TITLE Tunnel Design of Muni Metro Turnback Project 
SUMMARY ... support and chemical grouting; specification of timber pile cutting ... by dumping sand
excavated from sand dunes, and ... TUNNEL DESIGN OF MUNI METRO TURNBACK PROJECT ...
AUTHOR Sutter, David A. ; Frobenius, Peter ; Wu, Ching
TITLE Latest Information on Underground Construction Presented at 2006 NAT 
SUMMARY ... a thick sequence of sand, silty sand, silt and ... the proposed load factor selection
for an undrained tunnel. ... Chemical grout stops tailings leakage at Alumbrera ...
AUTHOR Yernberg, William R.
TITLE Jet Grouting In Combination With NATM 
SUMMARY ... where it was introduced under the name CCP (chemical ... tages to the tunnel designer
for certain conditions. ... Clayey silt Sandy silt Silty sand Gravelly sand Sandy ...
AUTHOR Mussger, K. ; Koinig, J. ; Reischl, St.
TITLE Environmental Impact of Groundwater Discharge During Tunnel Construction 
SUMMARY ... Sand particles are deposited ... carbonates, and chemical grout is usually a sodium silicate
polyurethane base. ... the quantity and quality of the tunnel discharge is ...
AUTHOR Fong, Francis L. ; Lundin, Tracy K. ; Pappas, James A.
TITLE Short Tunnels with Shallow Cover 
SUMMARY ... Avg. 18mm Augured pipes. Chemical grout groundwater cut-off. ... Foot tunnel under road ...
2.4m 1991 Sand Max 25mm 200mm grouted pipes and 900mm microtunneled pipes. ...
AUTHOR Smith, David
TITLE Riverside Badlands Tunnel, Inland Feeder Project: The Challenges Between Concept and Completion 
SUMMARY ... ft) Alluvium Clean and silty/clayey sand, some silt ... the ground flowed into the tunnel
and mining ... This same chemical grouting process was repeated several times ...
AUTHOR Arabshahi, Jay ; Klein, Steve ; Waggoner, John ; Townsend, John
TITLE Mixed Face Tunnel Excavation Using Floating Crown Bar And Modified Spiling Methods 
SUMMARY ... consists of gray, coarse to fine sand coarse gravel ... reduce water inflow to the tunnel
during mining ... Grout Pipe Placement: Cement and chemical grout pipes were ...
AUTHOR Puza, David E. ; Borggaard, Roger C. ; Bhore, Joginder S. ; Keville, Francis M.
TITLE Successful Soft Ground NATM Approach on Metro Section E4B in Washington, D.C. 
SUMMARY ... Install covered sand and aggregate ... boreholes were drilled parallel above each tunnel
heading to ... adjustments were made to the chemical grout injection volumes ...
AUTHOR Rippentrop, Galyn ; Kolitsch, Peter
TITLE Studies of FUL Grout by Experiment 
SUMMARY ... show that cohesion of grout gelled sand bodies is ... to seal the inside of the tunnel
with si1ica ... that, as an organic macromolecular chemical grout material FUL ...
AUTHOR Pinghui J
TITLE Underground Construction Applications Of Grout 
SUMMARY ... at the same location as the previously-mentioned tunnel leakage. ... At this time, sand
was piped with the inflow water ... (37,182 kg) of chemical grout were injected ...
AUTHOR Nash, William R.
Showing: 21 to 30 of 321 matches for "sand tunnel chemical grout"  Page    prev   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  next

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